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Home to the Aryans, Moguls, Arabs, Persians, Portuguese, French and British, we are a veritable melting pot of the world’s finest philosophies, sciences, arts and skills. Kien had a hunch that the pro-inflammatory effect of saturated fat might be facilitating how saturated fat impacts the risk of metabolic disease.In their latest study, Kien and colleagues studied palmitic acid — the most prevalent saturated fat in the diet.They found that a high palmitic acid diet increased the concentration of several inflammatory biomarkers in both blood and muscle.In a separate study, the team reported the same diet was associated with a reversible decrease in daily physical activity and increased anger, suggesting that a diet high in saturated fats may interfere with normal cognitive processes.Also read: Diabetes medication could treat alcohol addiction Relative to the low palmitic acid diet, the high palmitic acid diet stimulated the production of cytokines, thus creating more inflammation and associated risk for metabolic disease.”It is important to acknowledge that other factors — for example, physical activity — and other features of complex diets will determine how persistent, high intake of saturated fat will impact health,” Kien reported.Eating Mediterranean-type diet — with low-saturated fat — appears to decrease the inflammatory response both in comparison to a high-saturated fat diet as well as in relation to a low-fat diet, the team reported.The study appeared in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry. At this stage we were not carbohydrate counting and her insulin doses were based around a rough estimate of the size of the meal and whether it was heavy or light on the carbohydrates. But a shift is slowly happening, doctors say. Avoid using instant cereals- as they give faster and higher peaks of blood glucose. and has counseled thousands about a healthy lifestyle. Monitoring blood sugar regularly can have far reaching effects in terms of keeping this menace in check.

Efforts to resist indulgence often prove futile. Patients who are obese or have a family history of diabetes or suffer from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), should start getting preventive blood tests done from 35 years of age,” said Dr Radhika Jindal, Consultant Endocrinologist at Apollo Hospital. Both kids have always been excellent at eating Indian food, from the moment we introduced “International Food Sunday” to replace the typical roast, although we never got much past “this week let’s try Indian” as they liked it, so many Sundays afterwards featured a Sunday Curry. Women who suffer from elevated blood pressure during pregnancy are at an increased risk of developing heart diseases and other health problems such as diabetes and stroke in later life, says new research done by Guangdong Women and Children Hospital in China. Refined Carbohydrates ( Foods with high glycemic index) like Sugars, Jaggery, Maida ( fine flour as used in bakery, pancakes etc, Sooji – semolina).