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Swelling in the body’s tissues is also referred to as edema, a disorder caused by excess fluid. She is a former managing editor for custom health publications, including physician journals. It may happen due to high blood pressure or you may have to deal with this situation during pregnancy. The excessive fluids are necessary to support and nourish the fetus, prepare the pelvic joints and other related tissues for delivery, and make up for the blood loss during the delivery. If the person has known heart, liver, or kidney problems: Swelling of the lower legs can also be a warning sign of decline in people who have heart failure, liver failure, or kidney failure. One of the most common forms of arthritis in the foot is rheumatoid arthritis. Sometimes there is congestive heart failure; somtimes it is secondary to certain medications; sometimes there are vascular conditions; or other issues.

Hence natural cures are best recommended for persons suffering from edema or swollen feet and ankles. I had been on methadone for a year and I’m not sure if it gave me swollen/feet ankles. I do not know your name but maybe I can suggest something that has helped my son who also has Gout. The use of muscles during exercise naturally helps lymph fluid to circulate, which can reduce swelling.