Unborn children may face increased risk of developing diabetes if mother smokes during pregnancy

Most women gain between 12kg and 16kg in weight during pregnancy. Women who develop gestational diabetes have a higher risk of experiencing complications during pregnancy and birth, as well as developing diabetes later on in life. A hormone (hPL) produced by placenta to causes changes that increase maternal blood glucose, this leaves more glucose circulating in mom’s bloodstream, available to satisfy the glucose-greedy fetus. A control group of 153 women with a 2-hr test value below 7.8 mmol/l during pregnancy were invited to a new test 1 year postpartum and 60 (39%) accepted. Almost 6,000 children developed the disease during the study. Dr. In Ireland almost 20% of women are overweight before they get pregnant.

The quality of the evidence was assessed as low or very low and the overall risk of bias was unclear. As a response, a series of hormones produced by the uterus and mom’s body – namely cortisol (the stress hormone), leptin (a hunger hormone) and adiponectin (an inflammation reducing hormone) – all flood mom’s bloodstream, and further contribute to higher glucose. Pre-natal smoking by the mothers had a stronger association with the daughters’ diabetes risk than pre-natal smoking by the fathers, and this association remained after adjusting for parental race, diabetes, and employment. “We found that children are three times more likely to develop the disease if their mother is a diabetic, and five times more likely if their father is diabetic,” says Moradi.