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Doctors scoff at Hindu ‘health drink’ containing cow urine | The National

Description Cow Urine is urine of the cow. Her son, BD Detha, a senior government official who is now posted as principal of the Jail Training Institute in Ajmer, took her to the Tata Memorial Centre in Mumbai where she was administered chemotherapy. Desai, who was 82 at the time, attributed his longevity to drinking urine twice every day. That’s thanks in large part to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who’s introduced programs over the past two years to protect the milk-producing animals and support industries derived from their waste. C. Now I feel much stronger and healthier and can do most of my work. “Bariatric surgery is known as the most effective and longest lasting treatment for morbid obesity and its many related conditions, but now we have reason to believe that it may also be the most-effective treatment for type II diabetes and its accompanying diseases, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and coronary heart disease,” he said.

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Diabetes Forecast – September/October 2016 – 58

The American Diabetes Association has a long-standing interest in the accuracy of home blood glucose meters and is part of coalitions that are advocating for strengthening international and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards for accuracy. Along the way, Delong started using a continuous glucose monitor to manage his diabetes. And simply having such a policy doesn’t mean that the app will keep your data private: Most of the 41 apps with available privacy policies collected users’ data—such as insulin doses, blood glucose levels, and even your GPS locations—and half shared the information with third parties, such as advertisers. Regular exercise promotes better blood glucose control, and there is now solid evidence that it lowers the risk of heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, falls, depression, and early death while boosting energy levels, mental functioning, and sense of well-being. She has lived with type; 1 diabetes for 52 years