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Do you give benzo’s to a hypoglycemic seizure?

I have been a type 1 diabetic for 34 years, so I am probably a good person to answer you, even though I am not a doctor. To Beaux: it is extremely difficult to approach my wife Lucy with these concerns. Glucagon, glucojuice are ideal. Medics placed the unresponsive man on a stretcher and put him in the ambulance. No words, just violent jerking and screams. Tetanic stimulation-induced long-term potentiation (LTP) in a hippocampal slice was recorded in a multi-electrode dish system. We called him the incubator.

Those who are exercising too much without taking into account how this will affect their insulin levels will also be at a greater risk of suffering a diabetic stroke. COMPLEX PARTIAL (Also referred to as CPS) What it looks like Usually starts with blank stare, followed by chewing (or lip smacking, swallowing), then random activity. Theresa distinguishes between epilepsy and diabetes-related hypoglycemia. I took insuliin and waited. The child will appear temporarily absent

Zinc, pancreatic islet cell function and diabetes: new insights into an old story. – PubMed

In this longitudinal study we observed an inverse association between dietary zinc intake and risk of T2D in a mid-aged female population after adjusting for potential dietary and non-dietary confounders. Whether zinc supplementation can prevent the onset of Type I diabetes is unknown. This study investigated the association between genetic variations in the SLC30A8 gene and PTDM in renal allograft recipients. Hyperzincuria in the subjects was not secondary to hyperinsulinuria, although zinc and insulin excretion were significantly correlated in controls (p less than 0.03, r = 0.63). In all of the complexes discussed, zinc is found to be biologically active and function by interacting with some target proteins related with diabetes mellitus. Plasma zinc levels were significantly higher (P=0.022) in diabetic patients (17.78 0.6 micromol/L) as compared to controls (15.80 0.75 micromol/L). In this review, we provide a brief history of zinc, and an overview of its insulin-mimetic