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Treatment Options for Type 2 Diabetes

Recently, I attended a convention of the American Diabetes Association in New York City where the main booth heralded a breakthrough “cure” for diabetes. This form of treatment hasn’t advanced much for nearly a century, so it will come as good news that researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) are on the verge of a breakthrough. If it works as well in patients as it has in animals, it would amount to a cure, ending the need for frequent insulin injections and blood sugar testing. For others, taking medication may also be necessary. After all, Type 2 diabetes is looming as the biggest epidemic and public health issue in human history. Type 1 diabetes, which makes up roughly 10 percent of all diabetes cases, is therefore a type of autoimmune disease, and is currently incurable. Researchers at universities and other drug companies also are working toward a diabetes cure, using various strategies.

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Cell Research – Generation of transgenic golden Syrian hamsters

To investigate the pathogenesis of spontaneously diabetic Chinese hamsters of Asahikawa colony (CHAD), hepatic glucose production (HGP) and glucose uptake of several tissues were determined before the onset of hyperglycemia (prediabetic state). They also develop focal and segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSG) at and after 6 months of age. I’ve never heard of robos being prone to diabetes before, so this rather intrigued me. There was a 98% reduction in islet NE concentration in the sympathectomized hamsters, with no alteration in islet NE concentration in the diabetic hamsters, suggesting that the adrenergic nerve endings in the islets contain the majority of the NE. — The group of Dr. Otherwise, there are plenty of options available like serving slices of fruits and vegetables and soaked bread with peanut butter. Bij diabetes type 1 bestaat er een absoluut tekort aan insuline, er wordt geen insuline geproduceerd door een defect in de bèta-cellen.

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Helping With Mental Challenges of Diabetes

In spring 2003, Steve was living a sedentary lifestyle in France when he got a wake-up call: a pre-diabetes diagnosis. I must admit that I rarely do, but those of you who literally do read Diabetes Forecast cover to cover might have noticed two recent changes to our internal editorial team: Sara Sklaroff’s name dropped off the top of the masthead a couple of issues ago, and this month we have a new editorial director at the head of the ticket: Kelly Rawlings. I wasn’t the biggest fan, but this was their rodeo, and I was all in! Two years ago, I was driving to work when my vision suddenly started getting blurry. The basal-bolus regimen for treating type 2 diabetes involves taking a longer-acting form of insulin to keep blood sugar levels stable through periods of fasting and separate injections of shorter-acting mealtime insulin to prevent rises in blood sugar levels. Cairns was devastated. A doctor said, “You have a high sugar count—you ought to have this checked.&#8221