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Microalbuminuria in Nondiabetic Adults

Microalbuminuria is regarded as the most important predictor of high risk for the development of diabetic nephropathy. Abstracted information consisted of study design, patient demographics and risk factors, treatment regimens, and outcome variables. The effect of angiotensin-receptor antagonists in normotensive diabetic patients with microalbuminuria has not yet been reported. Seventy- two subjects with microalbuminuria were recruited from three hundred consecutively screened type 2 diabetics attending the Diabetic Clinic at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital. Record appropriate collection information, e.g. An experiment conducted by Li et al. Student’s t test was used to compare data within the study group.

The albumin:creatinine ratio of the first morning urine sample is a reliable screening method: the microalbuminuric range is considered to be 2.5-25 mg/mmol or 30-300 mg/g (3.5 mg/mol has been proposed as lower limit in females because of their lower creatinine