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Smart Diabetes Grocery Shopping

The Shopping List Generator meal planning system takes the guess work out of creating a meal plan. Superfoods support weight loss!! And, if there’s something outside of yourself that you want and you don’t formulate clearly what it is, how will other people ever know how to give it to you? For those of us who have diabetes, nothing is more important than the type and amount of food that we eat. Make a list and stick  to it. Regular oatmeal in the canister can be bought as a “one minute variety” which actually takes little time to prepare. A high-protein, calorie controlled diet prior to surgery is a good starting point.

They buy seasonal, local produce whenever possible istock/Yuri_Arcurs This not only means saving major dough, but ensures you’re buying the best-tasting, healthiest food available. Engage Supermarket Savvy to lead a Twitter or Facebook party to promote discussion of your food or beverage product. These include liver problems (jaundice)

Diabetes Drug Empagliflozin (Jardiance) Finally Wins FDA OK

Last week German pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim announced a deal with Boston-based digital health company Healthrageous, which spun out of Partners Healthcare a few years ago. Among the financial results for full-year 2015 unveiled by the company at its annual press conference in Ingelheim yesterday (The Pharma Letter April 19), the most eye-catching figures related to BI’s diabetes portfolio. The unique research design consists of more than 10 years of prospective evaluation of the Pima Indian patient population, a population known for its propensity to develop diabetes and subsequently nephropathy. Under the terms of the collaboration agreement, Vitae will receive $36.5 million in upfront and near-term payments from Boehringer Ingelheim, comprising upfront cash, an equity investment in Vitae and researchfunding. The Indian diabetes market is valued at INR 7,655 Crore, growing at 19.57% (IMS MAT August 2015). Gburcik explains: “One of the company’s

Horner’s syndrome

This is a case report of a lady who presented with pupil-sparing Weber’s syndrome. In 1905, Dieulafoy published a series of 58 personal cases, in which most of the clinical characteristics of diabetic ophthalmoplegia were described (4). [embedded content] Hi, today I am looking at assessing a patient with a new onset 3rd cranial nerve palsy, also called an oculomotor nerve palsy. It then enters the cavernous sinus where, unlike its fellow cranial nerves, it is unsupported by the dural wall of the sinus. In the group of patients who had vasculopathic risk factors only, with no other significant medical condition, 10% of patients (8/80) were found to have other causes, including midbrain infarction, neoplasms, inflammation, pituitary apoplexy, and giant cell arteritis (GCA). What can cause a Horner’s Syndrome? 1)   Nuclear: vascular, inflammatory and occasionally infiltrative pathology can affect the facial nerve nucleus or intrapontine fascicle.

Involvement or sparing of

Lifestyle Changes to Manage Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetic kidney disease is defined as abnormal urinary albumin excretion in a diabetic patient. Savoring the food you eat and enjoying the meals with family and friends are important parts of Mediterranean-style eating. • Handouts – 15 reproducible masters (in both English and Spanish), covering important topics such as diabetes care plans, blood glucose self-monitoring, medications and insulin. “The 411 on Prediabetes” reviews risk factors such as a sedentary lifestyle or being overweight that may put an individual at higher risk for developing type 2 diabetes and other serious health conditions, including heart disease and stroke. having our patients be able to answer questions relating to their condition. For some conditions, preventive measures may also be listed (e.g., a self breast exam when viewing the document for breast cancer). The handouts explain what the problem is, its symptoms, causes and risk factors, and treatment.

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