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If you think you might have seen these before, you have. Listed ALDI prices are updated once a week (every Wednesday). Shipments with this method will be delivered using 2nd Day or Next Day service for weekdays, and Saturday Next Day Service for Saturday deliveries. So I tried some, and you know what? (Click here for more details of that basis.) Loyalty Points shown are estimates only. These estimates are based on the information published by each Supermarket on its loyalty point programme. It’s sugar-free,” he says, as he continues to fill the molds of his trademark bars.

The taste is unmistakable and there really isn’t anything else to compare with it. The value of Loyalty Points issued by one Supermarket might not be the same as those issued by another Supermarket. Each Supermarket has its own rules regarding how Loyalty Points may be used. For full information on each Loyalty Point programme, please see the individual Supermarket website. Many of the food products

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