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Cardiovascular Diabetology

We found that over 6 years of follow-up an increase in glycaemia was positively associated with change in TC, LDL-c, TG and non-HDL-c in adults with type 1 diabetes who were not on dyslipidaemia medications. The prevalence of diabetes (defined as “glucose intolerance”) rose to 11.8% (13.2% males and 9.7% females). If you’re a man, you should get your cholesterol levels checked regularly, starting by age 35 or younger. The score appeared to improve diabetes risk categorization significantly and “has the potential to serve as part of a broader clinical approach to identify additional cases at risk for type 2 diabetes mellitus,” the researchers reported online in JAMA Cardiology. Two reviewers independently screened literature, collected data, and assessed methodological quality of included studies. Although certain capillary lesions were demonstrated in diabetic rats, no evidences of major vessel disease were produced in either rats, dogs, or monkeys, whether