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Seaweed for weight loss: Obesity & Diabetes FoodMattersLive

We have recently reported that iodine administration (0.05% iodine in drinking water) to weanling, diabetes mellitus- and lymphocytic thyroiditis (LT)-prone Biobreeding Worcester (BB/W) rats strikingly increases the incidence of LT without occurrence of iodine-induced hypothyroidism, which frequently results when excess iodine is administered to euthyroid patients with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. this latter idea reached its pinnacle in the 60s, the cars of my youth. The phase 3 randomised trial found that whole brain radiotherapy had no beneficial effect on length or quality of survival over treatment with steroids and other supportive care [1]. (The Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., and the Cleveland Clinic both gained prominence as goiter-treatment innovators at that time.) Iodized salt was introduced in 1924, and dairy cow feed was supplemented with iodine; those additions have been credited with the near eradication of goiters. At the age of 19 weeks the incidence of T1DM

Complementary alternative medicine use among patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus in the primary care

Complementary therapies are widely used by people with diabetes for the condition itself, for diabetes-related complications or for non-diabetes related problems. Some patients may also feel that CAM remedies are closer to nature, and for that reason somehow better than conventional medicine. Diabetes Care 2006 and Yeh, et al. RESULTS: A total of 1883 patients with diabetes were interviewed. …The imagination is the sun in the soul of man. People who used CAM were found to have lower risk factors for CVD and or DM whereas those who did not use CAM were more likely to have CVD. Similarly, CAM users tend to consult with a specialist doctor more frequently than CAM non-users within the 3 areas of residence and overall ( P < .005 ).

Generally, CAM users were older than non-CAM users, (p= 0.006). Stage 2 HbA1c levels can occasionally be controlled with monotherapy, but most individuals at stage 2, and essentially all persons at stage 3, merit initiation of combination therapy

Diabetes Technology Society Unveils Cybersecurity Standard For Diabetes IoT Devices

To pump or not to pump. The growing demand for the advanced and minimally invasive, diagnostic as well as monitoring devices is expected to propel the market growth during the forecast period. We’ve kept our ears to the ground to hear where each stands, so here’s a progress report on happenings in the slow and steady race toward a single-site device for insulin infusion and continuous glucose sensing. Health insurance companies, not patients and physicians, are deciding what our therapies, treatment and devices will be. Full product training will be provided and career potential for a high achiever is attractive and realistic, especially with the company being in such an exciting phase of their development in the UK. Howard: We made significant strides at Tidepool in 2014. The Food and Drug Administration has made approving such devices a priority and several companies are working on them.

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