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Portal hypertensive gastropathy

Gastric electrical stimulation (GES) uses a device implanted in the abdomen to send mild electrical pulses to the nerves and smooth muscle of the lower stomach. 5, 2016 (HealthDay News) — Routinely measured lipid fractions may be associated with the risk of coronary artery disease (CAD) and diabetes, according to a study published online Aug. The drug is being developed by a Boston biotech firm called Rhythm Pharmaceuticals, to treat rare genetic causes of obesity. A total of 26 patients with diabetic gastroparesis requiring J-tube placement were identified between 1980 and 1994. Overall, 1.0 percent of participants had BN and 1.8 percent had BED; 4.2 percent had PMDD and 42.4 percent had PMS. We believe our clinical classification for gastroparesis is a clinical useful tool in the management of patients with idiopathic gastroparesis to predict clinical severity, treatment response, and future prognosis. The frequency of mutations did not differ according to the presence of

Manuka Honey for Psoriasis: Does It Work?

BeeSweet Manuka Honey Active 20+ is a pure, smooth and creamy delicious ACTIVE Manuka Honey certified by laboratories in New Zealand for the unique active enzymes to have a Bio-activity rating of Active 20+.With a taste likened to liquid dairy vanilla fudge, this thick set yet creamy BeeSweet 100% Manuka Honey is ideal for those who are new to Manuka Honey. Rarer forms of honey from Egypt and Indonesia can cost more than that. This happens a lot, either because the vet is too far away or because the meds are too expensive.Or, another bad scenario: they don’t work! At least.I mean, we heard of many cancers that were naturally cured, even spontaneously, but never about HIV disappearing from the body. The bees collect the nectar of an ancient tree, the Sidr tree.The SIDR tree• Also known as Lote tree, Christ’s Thorn, Jujube, Nabkh, Elb, Ber, Bairi tree. In short, a UMF® number indicates the strength of just the non-peroxide antibacterial activitiy. In general, the larger

Health benefits of curry leaves

Kadi patta or curry leaves is a staple in Indian dishes . Rich in aroma and flavor, curry leaf plant is an important member in most of the Indian kitchen gardens. This is where folic acid comes into paly. Scientific Information: The scientific name of the curry plant is Murraya Koenigii Spreng and it belongs to the Rutaceae family. BENEFITS : 1.It work as natural supplement ,it has natural anti oxidants which are natural defesnse to protect body & cells .currys leaves are rich in vitamins and minerals too which are necessary to keep us healthy. Now that we’ve gotten our curry facts straightened out, let’s take a closer look at this splendid leaf. Drink some bitter gourd juice on an empty stomach each morning.

It contains phytosterols and it have high fiber content helps the body use glucose effectively and remove excess sugar from the blood. They are also available dried, though the aroma is largely inferior. It also improves the ability of insulin to lower