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Diabetic Ketoacidosis Case Study

Case discussion┬áThe patient is most probably suffering from diabetic ketoacidosis. She has been feeling increasingly nauseated the past 12 hours. China,… His BMI was 32kg/m2 and he reported a family history of type 2 diabetes on his maternal side. Of these, 40 patients readmitted with diabetic ketoacidosis were compared with matched control subjects (n = 40) who had only one admission for diabetic ketoacidosis. Most of the children had dehydration at admission, one fourth being severe. Blood glucose levels increase because there is a decrease in insulin production, which blocks the glucose from entering the cell.

has gone into Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA). As a result, water and electrolyte depletion develops. Her increased glucose levels (above 240 mg/dL) are also a sign of DKA. a) Cause of hyperglycemia Uncontrolled IDDM leads to increased hepatic glucose output.First, liver glycogen stores are mobilized then hepatic gluconeogenesis is used to produce glucose. Faculty users