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Patient’s Perception of Diabetes and Its Management among Patients at La General Hospital

Diabetes is associated with a variety of inconveniences, both minor and major — from the need to check your blood glucose regularly to the potentially disabling effects of complications like peripheral vascular disease. Patients and providers completed a survey assessing perceptions about diabetes-related concepts and demographic background. A national data set was analyzed based on 10,570 veterans with type 2 diabetes. Social inequity manifests in disparities in socioeconomic status (SES), place of residence, education, gender, and level of awareness and affects prevention, care, and management. It could be arthritis, osteoporosis, chronic back pain, blood pressure, heart failure… you name it,” Dr. The purpose of this study was to identify suboptimal disease, medication, and monitoring knowledge and beliefs that may be a barrier to effective self-management among inner-city diabetic patients. In the future, attention to increasing HDL-cholesterol will be the next

Treating Diabetes with Acupuncture

In certain places of Korea and China, acupuncture is a very important component of their healthcare system that is far from being considered an alternative type of medical care. It’s an increasingly common condition – one that approximately 1.3 million people in the U.S. Beside Nationals, Asians and Arab Expats are also in great risk due their inactive and often sedentary lifestyle. At some point during the course of their illness, most people with diabetes manifest symptoms of all three types. ACU stimulation was applied to ACU points GB34 and GB39 during the ischemic period. Acupuncture: Acupuncture can be beneficial for pain, digestive problems, stress and more. Even just by adding in walks into your day can make a difference.

Often people rely on acupuncture for pain relief including people who have diabetes. The same results have been found by other studies in women [23],[30]. Type2 Diabetes: This Diabetes occurs due to lack of absorption of sugar. Electroacupuncture and

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Several methods, each with differing utility and limitations, exist for monitoring glycemic control. This pilot study tested the effects of a counseling intervention using continuous glucose monitoring system (CGMS) feedback on PA self-efficacy, PA levels, and physiological variables. Their research has been chosen for publication at SPIE BiOS. These are alarming statistics. It is recommended to check blood cholesterol concentration on all people who are used to smoke, to drink too much alcohol and to eat fat and are over weighted or do not exercise enough. This increasing prevalence and risk of complications from diabetes necessitates active participation of patient’s to be active in diabetes management and self-maintenance. From receiving encouragement to tips about the latest products, information shared through diabetes support groups can be invaluable.

Lynne Harrigan (Internist) and Dale Clayton (Endocrinologist). J Nutr. Hence, the U.K. Approximately 50% of the HbA1c