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Your body can absorb this and go to work using the nutrients for repair, rejuvenation, and rebuilding of any part of the body that needs help. 3, 2010 — Drinking beet juice increases blood flow to the brain in older people, a finding that suggests the dark red vegetable may fight the progression of dementia, a new study shows. And they go way beyond skin, hair, and nail health. Ultrasound was used to check blood vessel function, before and during the high-altitude expedition. The “95% Extra Lean” refers to the percent of lean meat by weight. It provides a nutritional breakdown of Swiss chard and an in-depth look at its possible health benefits, how to incorporate more Swiss chard into your diet and any potential health risks of consuming Swiss chard. You can eat it raw or cook it up and eat it along with other vegetables.

The differences in the UV-vis spectra were comparable to the natural variation found in differing cultivars. In total, 48 volunteers participated in the screening procedure and 18 volunteers met the inclusion criteria. A new study suggests that beetroot juice has the ability to increase energy levels throughout the day. The upper or first number is your systolic blood pressure reading. Low hemoglobin level causes anemia. Dementia: Researchers at Wake Forest University have found that drinking juice from beetroot can improve oxygenation to the brain, slowing the progression of dementia in older adults. Nitric oxide is a very strong chemical that causes your blood vessels to relax, which improves blood flow to your organs, muscles, and — most importantly — your heart.

Ahluwalia is a professor at the William Harvey Research Institute at Barts and The London School of Medicine. Note also that while glutathione supplements are available, they are essentially useless because the body’s digestive enzymes recognize glutathione as a protein, and break it down before it can be absorbed. I’d like to see that! In a study conducted at Georgetown University, rats were given a lethal dose of radiation. But several studies have revealed that nitrates are responsible for the performance benefit of beets. In a similar study, released in the journal Hypertension, the effects of beet juice were seen almost immediately, within an hour, and were strongest after two or three hours. Some studies have raised concerns about a possible link between nitrates and nitrites in processed meat and gastrointestinal cancers, but experts say there is no reason to be alarmed about the nitrates found in vegetables.