feline diabetes treatment life expectancy for type 1

Feline (Cat) Diabetes – found predominantly in older obese male cats – This can be either type 1 or 2 diabetes the same as in humans. We’ve been told that she’s likely to die within six months to a year due to fluid on the lungs. Experts agree that the health risks of feline obesity are not to be ignored. Insulin Injections – Insulin injections are the most common form of treatment for diabetes. He was extremely shy and ran off every time I even tried to get near him so I just put a little food out every day to supplement the birdseed! Questions, so many to ask, so many answers needed. In type-2 cats, prompt ef .Type I diabetes is the more severe form of the disease, and is dependent on insulin Learn more about the causes and treatment of diabetes in cats on

A complete overview of caring for your cat is paramount if he/she is to live a long life. It is impossible for me to give much more specific information on the prognosis without knowing a lot more about Honey’s condition. Insulin resistance is considered an important risk factor in the development of diabetes. Natural herbal and homeopathic remedies can be used either alone or alongside conventional treatments to help manage your pet’s diabetes. His first visit to the vet was a rather negative experience, I was told by the senior vet that he just had problems with fur balls and I should groom him more! Commitment to providing love and care will be paramount to ensure your cat will have a long life expectancy.